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It's fun to work in a company where people truly BELIEVE in what they're doing!



Job Description

Our team is seeking an passionate Backend Software Engineer to join us as we create and deliver mission critical services and processes to enable Traveloka Experience.

As a Backend Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to design and develop creative, compelling, and maintain highly available systems that serve millions of Traveloka users every day. You will develop software and services at scale, innovating on the latest technologies as the earliest adopters while employing your knowledge in algorithms, design patterns, and data structures to solve our customers' needs.

In addition to collaborating with fellow engineers, Product Managers, Operations, and Designers, you will be working in an open environment where there are no boundaries or power distances, and are expected to ask questions, speak your mind, and continuously learn and grow.

As a Backend Software Engineer, you are expected to:

  • Be responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining our backend applications, third-party data integration, data API, backend systems, or working with monitoring tools and infrastructure
  • Contribute code to projects that require backend work
  • Improve existing code bases to be more scalable and reliable
  • Monitor and react on alerts to resolve issues
  • Consider testability, portability/monitoring, reliability, and maintainability, and understand when code is ready to be shared and delivered
  • Propose solutions to code or problems in a high-traffic environment Perform analysis exercises and contribute to postmortems for incidents
  • Work in cross-functional teams and meet great people regularly from top tier technology, consulting, product, or academic background
  • Participate and contribute to engineering hygiene such as code review, unit testing, integration testing, and architectural design review
  • Be encouraged to speak your mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow yourself



  • Bachelors' degree in Computer Science from reputable universities s preferred.
  • Excellent problem solving by employing algorithms, data structures, and design patterns
  • Willingness to continuously learn new things in assigned team: technology-related, product-related, or others
  • Strong sense of ownership and belonging to the product(s) owned by the team, and to the tasks at hand
  • Fluency with English, both oral and written
  • Prior technical engineering or working experience is a plus


If you like wild growth and working with happy, enthusiastic over-achievers, you'll enjoy your career with us!

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