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โ‚น66,993 - โ‚น99,592 / Monthly EST

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Tech Stacks
JavaScript Java Go

Job Description

About Role

The Risk team plays a crucial role in Uber mission to keep away users from malicious intent from our system while ensuring powerful, intuitive and frictionless delightful experiences for our millions of daily users (riders, eaters, drivers, couriers, restaurants). Our continued obsession for innovation is essential to enable Uber's phenomenal growth globally as we expand into new lines of business.

The team is full-stack and cross-functional. There will be significant, challenging problems in the Backend, Frontend, Data and ML engineering spaces, and the team will have embedded collaborators from Product Management, and Data Science.

As part of the team, you will have direct responsibility for vital systems and processes. You will take ownership of key features and initiatives in crafting and building high-quality, scalable systems. Your work will directly impact the lives of Uberโ€™s users and operations teams across the globe.

Basic Qualification

* BS or MS degree in computer science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.

* 8+ years of experience as a software engineer and building large-scale distributed systems

* Coding chops, clean, elegant, bug-free code in languages like JS, Java, GO

* Skilled in architecture: Solid understanding of distributed systems architecture - consensus, convergence, data consistency, and performance/efficiency constructs

* Strong desire to learn and grow, while building the best-in-class systems

* Experienced at Cross Team Communication: Strong flair for effective communication and collaboration - you know when to push on and when to step back. We work closely with several groups and supporting these other groups is a key part of scaling our business.

* Passionate about helping teams grow by inspiring and mentoring engineers.

* Ability to Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues

What the candidate will do

* Direct efforts to understand requirements and translate strategically important business or technical problems into executable and extensible designs.

* Build reliable, high-quality solutions that scale with Uber's engineering processes.

* Deliver and review technical design, code and documentation.

* Drive ongoing efficiency and reliability improvements through design and automation: availability, performance, scaling, monitoring and capacity.

* Manage upstream and downstream dependencies, collaborate with other engineering teams

* Mentor and support your fellow teammates.

* Define standards in Coding, testing, monitoring, and alerting systems and lead team to complete them.

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