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Job Description

Job Duties:

•Contribute to the evolving design and architecture of reliable and scalable infrastructure.

•Provide sysadmin support to colleagues in Dev and Helpdesk engineering teams on ongoing issues and closely aligned troubleshooting procedures.

•Identify system weaknesses and propose/implement improvements.

•Design and implement automation.

•Available on calls as part of 24/7 System Engineer team.

•Resolve unexpected issues in real time.

•Maintaining software applications, operating systems and regular maintenance.

•Write all related documentation / update data in online tools (Changes, Validation docs, systems

proposals/recommendation, etc).

Required skills:

•At least 6 years professional system engineering experience.

•Must have at least 5 years Linux experience

•Thorough understanding of operating systems Linux (preferably CentOs) and OSX.

•Experience in handling docker, RoundCube, ESET, AWS, AWS Workspace, Rocketchat, Ansible, •OpenDNS - Cisco Umbrella, Confluence, etc

•Experience in performing maintenance tasks on AWS, MS SQL and Java/Tomcat systems

•Knowledge of Windows Server 2008r2 with strong skills in GPOs and Active Directory.

•Knowledge of industry standard network monitoring tools as Nagios, Icinga, Cacti, Grafana, Influx, logstash, Kibana, etc

•Knowledge of PCI standards and requirements.

•Experience with VMWare VSphere/ESXi.

•Knowledge of scripting languages as Bash, etc.

•Love automation and try to use it as much as possible, with Ansible.

•Experience with layer 1-3 network knowledge, preferably Vlans and Basic Routing is a huge plus.

•Experience in Network function virtualization.

•Strong problem solving and logic skills required.

•Willing to be working on graveyard shift.

•You have excellent people skills at all levels.

•Strong English communication skills.

•Familiarity with ticketing system, 65Freshservice.

•Open to working in BGC Taguig

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