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Job Description:

Job Summary

This position develops, designs, tests, integrates, and deploys system software and hardware solutions. This position provides field support and conducts site visits to evaluate performance, review installations, and provide project support. This position tests applications to ensure designs meet requirements, business needs, and determine the most effective solutions. This position manages project lifecycles, including project scope, resources, schedule, initiation, start-up/design, building, and deployment to see projects from beginning-to-end. This position works on site with vendors, consultants, electrical and mechanical contractors and local cross-functional staff to successfully meet the project objectives with regards to system functionality, system performance, and system reliability.


Identifies issues that need to be resolved by engineers or application developers promptly.

Communicates with management team to provide updates and ensure effective implementation of solutions.

Gathers data from tested solutions to compare to benchmarking data and ensure effectiveness.

Performs field certification to ensure installed solutions meet customersโ€™ and groupโ€™s installation standards.

Supervises consultants and vendors for workstation, server and embedded system program development for complex control systems.

Follows up with assigned resources formally (e.g., status meetings, etc.) and informally to continuously manage the productivity of the team, project timelines, and deliverables.

Provides field support for integration of systems whenever necessary.

Collaborates with team members to determine project requirements from overall system designs and to obtain appropriate solutions (e.g., software, hardware, processes, etc.).

Attends design reviews meetings with internal and external team members to identify for business needs and system requirements.


Ability to work flexible work schedule including weekends and travel

Experience With Robotics System Development & Integrations -Preferred

Experience with C++, Python, Lisp, MatLab - Preferred

Extensive experience in Linux based Operating System Environments - Preferred

Experience in robotics or material handling system architectures / Development/ applications / and integration - Preferred

Experience in system communications protocols: Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CAN open, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, UDP IP, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, USB, MODBUS TCP, RS 232/485, XMPP - Preferred

Familiar With Modern Security Techniques And Standards - Preferred

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