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Job Summary

Job Type

Mid Senior

Years of Experience
Information not provided

Tech Stacks
Python MySQL R Analytics

Job Description

We are currently looking for a data scientist to drive analytics work and glean impactful insights into property market trends and related urban planning issues. The officer will be expected to:
  • Push the research frontier by seeking opportunities for impactful collaborations with government agencies and the private sector, such as tapping on novel datasets to yield new insights; 
  • Conduct deep-dive analysis on property market and urban planning issues by conceptualizing and building analytical/forecasting models; and
  • Leverage sophisticated techniques such as data mining, machine learning, natural language processing in empirical studies to inform policy. 
  • Communicate your insights and recommendations cogently to diverse stakeholders through written policy proposals and presentations.

  • Have a keen interest in empirical research on the real estate market
  • Knowledge of economics and/or the real estate sector is preferred, to facilitate deep analysis of property market dynamics
  • Have a Masters/Doctoral degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science/analytics, Economics or related disciplines; or Degree in these fields with significant work experience. Candidates from other disciplines with professional certifications (i.e. Coursera) are welcomed to apply. 
  • Possess expert knowledge in the following areas:
  • Common machine learning algorithms and key parameters, with experience in applying Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning on time-series and multi-dimensional data.
  • Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation with experience in applying Information Extraction and Classification on large volume of documents.
  • Proficient in R, Python, MySQL or other relevant data analytics tools
  • Experienced in working with large structured and unstructured datasets
  • Keen to learn and share new methods and techniques with team members.
  • Possess good communication (both written and spoken) and inter-personal skills.

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Salary Insights of Data Scientist at Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA)

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