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  • Collaborate with Product Managers to define project scope, technical requirements, and realistic timelines.
  • Work closely with designers and developers to ensure seamless integration of user interfaces and back-end functionality.
  • Champion Agile methodologies, ensuring the team adheres to Scrum or Kanban practices, holding regular stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • Drive technical decision-making processes, advocating for best practices, code quality, and scalability.
  • Adopting proven software engineering practices like pair programming, code reviews, test-driven development to maintain high coding standards, identifying potential issues and suggesting improvements.
  • Balance hands-on coding with leadership responsibilities, taking on technical challenges when necessary.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify potential roadblocks, risks, and mitigations, ensuring successful project delivery.
  • Stay updated with the latest technology trends, tools, and frameworks, and proactively suggest improvements to existing systems.
  • Promote a culture of innovation, encouraging experimentation, and supporting creative problem-solving approaches.


  • Experience in modern web application technologies such as React, Typescript (FE), Nodejs (BE), Postgresql (BE), TypeORM (BE), Typescript (BE) are required.
  • Experience in Nextjs, RoR (Ruby on Rails) are good to have.

    Experience in the following would be advantageous:
  • Agile processes/practices (e.g. Scrum, Extreme Programming)
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • Docker/container technology
  • Kubernetes along with docker and container
  • Postgresql
  • Cloud/PaaS platforms, such as AWS/Heroku/OpenShift
  • Serverless Framework


  • Experience in modern web application development using Node.JS and TypeScript
  • Experience with Blockchain Distributed Applications (DApp) development
  • Experience in the development of CI/CD pipeline and applications deployment using cloud services such as AWS
  • Familiarity with Web3 technologies and the Ethereum developer ecosystem is a bonus
  • Working experience in an Agile/SCRUM setup will be an added advantage
  • Excellent verbal communication and listening skills
  • Proactive, self-driven, and motivated

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