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Job Summary

โ‚น90,152 - โ‚น156,439 / Monthly EST

Job Type


Years of Experience
Information not provided

Tech Stacks
Azure API AWS Strategy

Job Description

Role Purpose

The purpose of this role is to design the organisationโ€™s computer and network security infrastructure and protect its systems and sensitive information from cyber threats.


  • Design and develop enterprise cyber security strategy and architecture
    • Understand security requirements by evaluating business strategies and conducting system security vulnerability and risk analyses
    • Identify risks associated with business processes, operations,
information security programs and technology projects

  • Identify and communicate current and emerging security threats and design security architecture elements to mitigate threats as they emerge
  • Identify security design gaps in existing and proposed architectures and recommend changes or enhancements
  • Provide product best fit analysis to ensure end to end security covering different faucets of architecture e.g. Layered security, Zoning, Integration aspects, API, Endpoint security, Data security, Compliance and regulations
  • Demonstrate experience in doing security assessment against NIST Frameworks, SANS, CIS, etc.
  • Provide support during technical deployment, configuration, integration and administration of security technologies
  • Demonstrate experience around ITIL or Key process-oriented domains like incident management, configuration management, change management, problem management etc.
  • Provide assistance for disaster recovery in the event of any security breaches, attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorized or illegal activity
  • Provide solution of RFPโ€™s received from clients and ensure overall design assurance
    • Develop a direction to manage the portfolio of to-be-solutions including systems, shared infrastructure services, applications, hardware related to cyber risk security in order to better match business outcome objectives
    • Analyse technology environment, enterprise specifics, client requirements to set a collaboration design framework/ architecture
    • Depending on the clientโ€™s need with particular standards and technology stacks create complete RFPs
    • Provide technical leadership to the design, development and implementation of custom solutions through thoughtful use of modern technology
    • Define and understand current state solutions and identify improvements, options & tradeoffs to define target state solutions
    • Clearly articulate and sell architectural targets, recommendations and reusable patterns and accordingly propose investment roadmaps
    • Evaluate and recommend solutions to integrate with overall technology ecosystem
    • Tracks industry and application trends and relates these to planning current and future IT needs

  • Stakeholder coordination & audit assistance
    • Liaise with stakeholders in relation to cyber security issues and provide timely support and future recommendations
    • Provide assistance in maintaining an information security risk register and help with internal and external audits relating to information security
    • Support audit of security best practices and implementation of security principles across the organization, to meet business goals along with customer and regulatory requirements
    • Assist with the creation, maintenance and delivery of cyber security awareness training to team members and customers
    • Provide training to employees on issues such as spam and unwanted or malicious emails

    Stakeholder Interaction

    Stakeholder Type

    Stakeholder Identification

    Purpose of Interaction


    Program Manager/Director

    Regular reporting & updates

    Infrastructure (CIS team)

    For infrastructure support



    To coordinate for all security breaches & resolutions


    Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:

    • Functional Competencies/ Skill
      • Leveraging Technology - Knowledge of current and upcoming security technologies (e.g. Firewalls, IPS, DDoS, SIEM, WAF, Endpoint etc.) and understanding of compliance regulatory requirement like PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.- Expert
      • Systems Thinking - Understanding of the Wipro system (interrelatedness, interdependencies and boundaries) and perform problem solving in a complex environment - Expert
      • Leveraging Technology - In-depth knowledge of and mastery over ecosystem technology that commands expert authority respect - Master
      • Technical Knowledge - Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cloud Architect Certification from AWS and Azure, ToGAF or SABSA certification-Master
    Competency Levels


    Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (in parts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.


    Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competency without guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknown situations as well.


    Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guide to others as well.


    Coaches others and builds organizational capability in the competency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and is recognized within the entire organization.

    • Behavioral Competencies
      • Effective Communication
      • Managing Complexity
      • Client centricity
      • Technology Acumen
      • Innovation
      • Problem Solving approach
      • Collaborative Working
      • Execution Excellence



      Performance Parameter


    • Customer centricity

      Timely security breach solutioning to end users, Internal stakeholders & external customers experience, CSAT, educating and suggesting right control to the customers.

    • Support sales team to create wins

      % of proposals with Quality Index >7, timely support of the proposals, identifying opportunities/ leads to sell services within/ outside account (lead generation), no. of proposals led

      Web Penetration Testing - SAC

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