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โ‚น95,901 - โ‚น165,285 / Monthly EST

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Years of Experience
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Job Description

Role Purpose

The purpose of the role is to support process delivery by ensuring daily performance of the Production Specialists, resolve technical escalations and develop technical capability within the Production Specialists.


  • Oversee and support process by reviewing daily transactions on performance parameters
    • Review performance dashboard and the scores for the team
    • Support the team in improving performance parameters by providing technical support and process guidance
    • Record, track, and document all queries received, problem- solving steps taken and total successful and unsuccessful resolutions
    • Ensure standard processes and procedures are followed to resolve all client queries
    • Resolve client queries as per the SLAโ€™s defined in the contract
    • Develop understanding of process/ product for the team members to facilitate better client interaction and troubleshooting
    • Document and analyze call logs to spot most occurring trends to prevent future problems
    • Identify red flags and escalate serious client issues to Team leader in cases of untimely resolution
    • Ensure all product information and disclosures are given to clients before and after the call/email requests
    • Avoids legal challenges by monitoring compliance with service agreements

  • Handle technical escalations through effective diagnosis and troubleshooting of client queries
    • Manage and resolve technical roadblocks/ escalations as per SLA and quality requirements
    • If unable to resolve the issues, timely escalate the issues to TA & SES
    • Provide product support and resolution to clients by performing a question diagnosis while guiding users through step-by-step solutions
    • Troubleshoot all client queries in a user-friendly, courteous and professional manner
    • Offer alternative solutions to clients (where appropriate) with the objective of retaining customersโ€™ and clientsโ€™ business
    • Organize ideas and effectively communicate oral messages appropriate to listeners and situations
    • Follow up and make scheduled call backs to customers to record feedback and ensure compliance to contract SLAโ€™s

  • Build people capability to ensure operational excellence and maintain superior customer service levels of the existing account/client
    • Mentor and guide Production Specialists on improving technical knowledge
    • Collate trainings to be conducted as triage to bridge the skill gaps identified through interviews with the Production Specialist
    • Develop and conduct trainings (Triages) within products for production specialist as per target
    • Inform client about the triages being conducted
    • Undertake product trainings to stay current with product features, changes and updates
    • Enroll in product specific and any other trainings per client requirements/recommendations
    • Identify and document most common problems and recommend appropriate resolutions to the team
    • Update job knowledge by participating in self learning opportunities and maintaining personal networks

    Stakeholder Interaction

    Stakeholder Type

    Stakeholder Identification

    Purpose of Interaction


    Team Leaders

    Performance review


    Hiring and employee engagement and retention

    TA, SEs

    Escalation and issue resolution

    Production Specialist

    Training, issue escalation/ resolution



    Query Resolution


    Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:

    • Functional Competencies/ Skill
      • Process Knowledge - Knowledge of assigned process, tools and systems - Competent

      Competency Levels


      Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (in parts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.


      Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competency without guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknown situations as well.


      Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guide to others as well.


      Coaches others and builds organizational capability in the competency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and is recognized within the entire organization.

      • Behavioral Competencies
        • Domain Knowledge
        • Collaborative working
        • Problem solving and decision making
        • Attention to Detail
        • Execution Excellence
        • Stakeholder Management
        • Client (Internal) Centricity
        • Effective Communication



        Performance Parameter



        No. of cases resolved per day, compliance to process and quality standards, meeting process level SLAs, Pulse score, Customer feedback, NSAT/ ESAT

        Team Management

        Productivity, efficiency, absenteeism

        Capability development

        Triages completed, Technical Test performance

        API Management & Integration using Kong

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