A Day in the Life of: a Frontend Developer @ Shopee


A Day in the Life-series provides insight into what it is like to work as a Software Engineer in different roles and companies, by following developers through a regular day at work.

What does a regular day in the life of a Frontend Developer at Shopee look like? Follow Tú Nguyen through his workday to find out!

This is me, Tú Nguyen.

Hi! I’m Tú and I work as a Frontend Developer for the Data Product Team at Shopee.

Shopee is an e-commerce platform that helps users not only to buy products, but also provide solutions for sellers to manage their stocks and orders on the platform. What I do at Shopee is not related to the core business, but it acts as an important role for internal users such as managers. My team and I are also known as the Data Solution Providers.

Me, my girlfriend and a part of the NodeFlair team picking us up from the airport!

I moved to Singapore from Vietnam 3 months ago, after NodeFlair assisted me in finding and landing this job. It all started when I registered an account on NodeFlair and they helped me to polish my resumé to prepare for the upcoming interviews. Furthermore, they also gave me useful tips for the interview process and about life in Singapore.

This is how I spend my time on a daily basis as a Frontend Developer at Shopee!

7:30 am

Despite the fact that my team usually starts working at 10:00 am, I am already up. I am training for the next Marathon in Singapore, so I have a running session based on the Nike Marathon Running Plan. It’s all about speed so it only takes me around 30 minutes to get it done!

9:00 am

I’m ready to leave for work. It takes me about 20 minutes to get there, so I always try to use this short amount of time to read a book summary on my phone. Today, I am reading a book called “The Obesity Code” about food nutritions. Did you know that the word breakfast literally means the meal that breaks our fast during the night? I didn’t - so I have already learned something new today. So productive, right!

10:00 am

This is the time I usually arrive at the office. After I have had breakfast, I start working and pick up things that remained from yesterday. The remaining issues are mostly bugs and unfinished features, and I like to clear these issues at the beginning of the day so I can move on with today’s tasks quickly afterwards.

11:00 am

Today we’re having a project meeting with the Product Manager and all involved Developers. The purpose for this meeting is to see what we have done so far and what we should do to prepare for the next feature release, which is two weeks from now.

12:30 pm

Lunchtime! Today we are ordering some food and having it in our building’s cafeteria. We use this time to get to know each other better and build stronger relationships, which is both fun and will help us work better as a team! Lately I have also been taking the opportunity to learn some Chinese from my colleagues, from basic pronunciation to numbers. It’s great to be in such an inclusive and welcoming environment!

Enjoying lunch with some of my beloved colleagues from Shopee.

2:00 pm

After a short nap to refresh my mind, I have a cup of tea and this is where the real fun begins - I get to sit down with all of the ideas that we discussed during the earlier meeting. Besides working on the new requested features from the Product Manager, I also think about how I can improve the structure of my project. This is the most productive time for me during the day, since I am full of energy after lunch.

4:00 pm

Today a teammate is hosting a presentation. This is one of cultural activities in our team: every three months, team members should host a presentation about what they have done and learned during this time, and what their plan for the next couple of months are. Since I am one of the new members here, I have to do a lot of note-taking to prepare for my own slides next month. The presentation was great because my teammate mentioned that she faced an issue which is very similar to a problem that I am having at the moment. After the meeting, I contacted her to find out how she solved the bug so I can apply it to my project. This really made my day!

6:00 pm

This is nearly the end of my day and I use this time of the day to chill with my colleagues. We talk about our issues during the day and help each other think of solutions. After the conversation, I have to force myself to sit down and take notes of the feedback and what tasks I have not finished today. This way I will know which tasks to start with tomorrow, because my brain tends to wipe all of my thoughts after leaving the office.

And that is what my day looks like as a Frontend Developer at Shopee!

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