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Thank you for your interest to be a part of Singapore’s #1 tech talent network — we match tech talents across the world (like you) to tech companies / startups in Singapore. Approved profiles will go “live” and start receiving multiple interview offers within the first 1–2 weeks.

Your journey on the platform has just begun — below is a quick 3 mins read on what to expect next, and some insights that might be useful!

1. What are Talent Consultants?

2. Cost of Living in Singapore

3. Setting the Right Expectations

1. What are Talent Consultants?

Every shortlisted candidate on NodeFlair is assigned a Talent Consultant. They are your personal knowledge resource as you go through the arduous interview process, setting you up for success so that you can secure an awesome opportunity.

To help with jitters on your first day of work, we give our talents a GiftBox to ease them into their first day!

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The NodeFlair GiftBox with love ❤️

How Our Talent Consultants Help

  • We've worked with thousands of candidates, so clearly we are aware of the pains of a job search experience.
  • Experienced in navigating the technology job market, we have great guidance on how to interview, what to prepare for, and how to negotiate for better salary!
  • Give you insight on market trends and what might be a perfect fit for your particular set of skills & interests.
  • Help polish your NodeFlair profile, which can lead to better requests from more companies.

2. Cost of Living in Singapore (for talents outside of Singapore)


If you have not visited or lived in Singapore before, you might want to speak to friends working in Singapore to get a clearer picture. If you are already based in Singapore, you can skip this section.

TL;DR: Cost of living is estimated to be on average SGD $3,500 (individuals), or SGD $5,500 (with spouse/family).

a. Housing

  • Room — $1,000/mth
  • Studio Apartment — $1,500/mth
  • Full Apartment (3 bedrooms) — $3,000/mth

b. Transportation

  • Public Transport — $100/mth
  • Car — $1,400/mth
  • Taxi/Grab — $20/ride

c. Others

  • Food — $500 to $1,000/mth
  • Gym — $100/mth

d. Taxes

More info can be found in this link.

  • 7.0%: $40k — $80k annual
  • 11.5%: $80k —$120k annual
  • 15.0%: $120k — $160k annual
  • 18.0%: $160k — $200k annual
  • 19.0%: $200k — $240k annual

Other useful links for your research:

If you have any queries, please speak to your assigned talent consultant for help!

3. Setting the Right Expectations

a. Manage your salary expectations

  • Recommended to benchmark according to the chart above if you are relocating from abroad
  • If you are already working in Singapore, you can expect an increment of 10–15%
  • Having expectations significantly higher than market rate will only lead to disappointment

b. Are you open to stock options?

  • Some companies offer Stock Options to their employees
  • You might want to think if you are open to receiving that in conjunction for cash

c. Dig deeper into your motivations

  • Why are you changing jobs NOW?
  • Are you exploring for a higher salary?
  • Are you able to save more if you relocate to Singapore? (for expats)
  • What do you want to achieve?

If you lack clarity now, fret not — our talent consultants will be hopping on a call with you to chat more! Till then!

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