24 Hottest Tech Jobs for Singapore Software Engineers, Data Engineers, and more! (December 2021)


Job hunting takes up a lot of time, and it requires time, effort, skill, and some luck for you to have any chance at success. If you're in tech, then you're in luck because companies are always hiring for talents to join their tech team.

We've compiled some of the hottest jobs into one single article so that you can browse the top companies hiring for Software Engineers in Singapore to help you in your job search process.

This month, companies such as Apple, Govtech, Bytedance, Binance, and more are hiring for Software Engineers, Data Engineers, and other roles.

Apple Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Full Stack Software Engineer

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and develop solutions that can scale to enterprise level requirements
  • Design & architect solutions for our various data inputs, find patterns, build efficient parser for large volume of data, derive efficient data analytics and drive the implementation
  • Define integration to other systems via services and APIs, key customisations and extensions of the systems, data conversions and migrations

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Sr. Software Engineer, Core Services, Apple Media Products

Key responsibilities:

  • Part of the server team that powers various features within the Apple client applications - iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Podcast, Apple Music etc.
  • Think about performance in terms of median, 95th percentile and 99th percentile
  • Build large scale web-based projects and features
  • Experience with crafting web applications that scale to millions of requests per second is highly preferred

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Site Reliability Engineer, AMP

Key responsibilities:

  • Work cross-functionally to handle video flow from content ingestion, playback, transcoding, and virtually everything else it takes to make the experience as seamless as possible
  • Driven approach to continually improving service levels
  • Consistent track record of troubleshooting and resolving issues in live production environments and implementing strategies to eliminate them

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Software Development Technical Lead

Key responsibilities:

  • Design robust systems with a broad system understanding and in close collaboration with development and product management.
  • Refine and expand existing test Application architecture and strategies focusing on reusability, scalability, low complexity.
  • Champion best software engineering practices within the team and evangelize, software development practices that improve software quality across the organization.

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Bytedance Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Fullstack Software Engineer, User Growth

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and develop large-scale platform services as well as corresponding frontend interfaces that power various Growth products.
  • Coordinate with different teams and roles to fast iterate and deliver features end-to-end.
  • Familiar with backend technologies, including Database, concurrency, multithreading, synchronization, loading balancing, etc.

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Backend Software Engineer, Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Key responsibilities:

  • Architect and develop efficient, highly scalable and secured services that power all the video products of ByteDance.
  • Design, implement and operate our critical and scalable services, including video delivery services, upload services, and core persistence layer.
  • Develop advanced intelligent video QoS data platform, help client developers make decisions to optimize the user experience of our products.
  • Design, build and maintain a global scale, multi-regional video infrastructure system.

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Software Engineer (Distributed Database), Data Platform

Key responsibilities:

  • Create a PB-level analytical database product that empowers efficient and real-time data-driven decision-making, based on ClickHouse.
  • Building a cloud-native and high-performance enterprise data warehouse (or analytical database, these two concepts are becoming one), with challenges that are exciting and unprecedented, and we vision this database to be the fastest analytical database in this world
  • Contributing directly to the database engine, including but not limited to storage, query execution, metadata management, resource management, and performance optimization

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Binance Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Front-end Engineering Lead (Vue.js)

Key responsibilities:

  • Implement new user-facing features in risk to B products
  • Manage the distributed team of engineers
  • Write client-side code to create fast, easy-to-use, web-based applications for desktop browser scenarios
  • Optimize web applications for speed and scale

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Senior Back-End / Java Developer (Binance Gift Card)

Key responsibilities:

  • Build, improve and maintain a multitude of applications for the Binance ecosystem
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of the applications.
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems.

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Junior Backend Java Developer - Payments

Key responsibilities:

  • Be a part of the most influential company in the blockchain industry and contribute to the crypto-currency revolution that is changing the world
  • Translate business requirements and user cases into functional applications.
  • Review, test, and verify code for adherence to quality and security standards.

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Grab Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Lead Software Engineer, Backend (OVO SG)

Key responsibilities:

  • Work on multiple backend service clusters as well as participating in machine learning pipelines
  • Design and write with the cutting edge GO language to improve the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of Grab's range of services
  • Work closely with infrastructure team in building and scaling back-end services as well as performing root cause analysis investigations

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Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Key responsibilities:

  • Build and deploy performant modern web applications in React, Redux, Webpack, ES6, and Flow
  • Engage in service capacity and demand planning, software performance analysis, tuning, and optimization
  • Design, build, analyze and fix large-scale systems
  • Learn full-stack performance tuning and optimization

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Senior Engineers, (Data Engineering - SRE), Digibank Singapore

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing & architecting new solutions, finding creative ways to optimise existing solutions which will improve agility for managing hundreds of microservices infrastructure in a stable & reliable way.
  • Engage with the data-engineering and data-science teams to help build infrastructure and develop software for reliability and scale.
  • Build and drive adoption for greater self-healing and resiliency patterns

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Principal Engineer - GrabX

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing, implementing, rolling out, and evangelizing the next generation of experimentation and event management platforms at Grab
  • Building large scale multi-tenanted distributed SAAS platforms (including data processing & streaming).
  • Empowers Grab to take data driven decisions by crunching billions of events and resolving hundreds of billions of variables with latency in milliseconds per day

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Govtech Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Software Engineer (Frontend) (Artificial Intelligence Platforms)

Key responsibilities:

  • Build software products for government agencies to better understand and use their data to improve operations and decision making
  • Have excellent understanding of web development and experience working with HTML5, CSS3, Node.js and modern JS frameworks (React.JS, Vue.JS, Redux etc.)

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Data Engineer (Data Engineering)

Key responsibilities:

  • Building Whole-of-Government data infrastructure to power the insights needed for evidence-based decision-making and enhancing agencies’ service-delivery.
  • Design and build resilient and efficient data pipelines for both batch and real-time streaming data
  • Architect and design data infrastructure on cloud using industry standard Infrastructure-as-Code tools

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Software Engineer, Engineering Productivity

Key responsibilities:

  • Join a multi-disciplinary team to modernise the way digital applications and services are developed, deployed and maintained across the Whole-of-Government.

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Meta / Facebook Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Software Engineer Intern

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and push production-ready code by quickly ramping on assigned codebase, product area, and/or system
  • Identify problem statements, outline optimal solutions, account for tradeoffs and edge cases

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Software Engineer, Product (Full Stack)

Key responsibilities:

  • Build new features and improve existing products like Messenger, Video, Groups, News Feed, Search and more
  • Create consumer products and features using internal programming language Hack
  • Work closely with our PM and design teams to define feature specifications and build the next generation of products leveraging frameworks such as React & React Native

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Enterprise Engineer

Key responsibilities:

  • Work with product managers to drive strategic and tactical initiatives
  • Architect highly available, scalable, and secure systems
  • Comply with change management policies to ensure data integrity and system stability
  • Understand performance metrics for business value

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Shopee Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Before applying to Shopee, you need to know about their interview questions and processes - and we have compiled them for you from 376 interviews we found online!

Frontend Software Engineer - Marketplace

Key responsibilities:

  • Frontend development for Shopee’s ecommerce web platforms
  • Design stable and scalable architecture to support Shopee’s fast business growth
  • Participate in various internal technical projects and give technical sharing sessions

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Database Engineer - Digibank

Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for banking database administration and management (capacity planning, installation, backup, recovery, monitoring, security, compliance, optimisations, troubleshooting, etc).
  • Support the development team for database designing, creating, optimising and troubleshooting.
  • Review existing software architecture and contribute to improve on the future architecture for database stability and a maximum of performance.

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Machine Learning Engineer - Recommendation System

Key responsibilities:

  • Participate in the end-to-end optimization of our recommender system
  • Designing multiple context-aware recommender systems in e-commerce
  • Drive improvement of core modules like recall/ranking/rerank in the recommender system by technology

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Software Engineer - Marketplace Backend (Chatbot)

‍Key responsibilities:

  • Building customer service chatbots to automatically answer our customers’ questions and pain-points
  • First-hand experiences building AI-powered chatbot products, including the chatbot’s internals and operational platforms that allow AI trainers to quickly optimise their performance.
  • Designing and implementing backend services in Python, Java and Go

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