Dyson is hiring over 250 Engineers in Singapore - Here’s everything you need to know


More commonly known as the company responsible for creating a wide range of quality products such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, and the infamous Airwrap, Dyson has started moving into its new headquarters at the St James Power Station.

This move will see them hiring around 250 engineers in the next few years as part of their investment in future technology.

Dyson currently employs about 1,400 people in Singapore and has 14,000 employees worldwide.

If you’re looking for a job in Dyson Singapore’s tech team, then this guide will have all the insights that you need to help you make a better informed decision.

What we compared: Ratings, Experience, Duration of Service, Gender Diversity, Promotion rate, and hiring background.

What is the average salary for Engineers in Singapore’s Tech Industry?

Based on our real-time Market Insights feature, here are the average salaries for Software Engineers, QA/Testing, and Cybersecurity Engineers in Singapore’s Tech Industry.

How much do Software Engineers working in Dyson Singapore earn?

Based on market research, we found that although Junior Software Engineers in Dyson Singapore are paid above the industry average, Senior and Lead Software Engineers are being paid slightly under the industry average.

However, this data is not from NodeFlair Salaries so do take this with a pinch of salt. If you want more reliable data, feel free to contribute your salary below. Submissions are kept confidential and anonymous.

Is Dyson Singapore a good company to work for?

The average Company Rating for Dyson Singapore is a measly 2.7 stars out of 5 based on Glassdoor’s data. This is rather low as most of the companies that we’ve reviewed usually have more than 4 stars on average.

But how bad is bad actually?

We had a look around the web and these were some of the pros and cons that we’ve found:


  • Good benefits
  • Challenging job scope
  • Good pay
  • Good senior employees


  • Reply to work during leave
  • Unable to bring leave forward
  • Overtime

Do note that these are pointers that we’ve gathered from around the web. If you have a tech focused review that you would love to submit, click here.

How experienced are the Software Engineers working in Dyson Singapore?

Dyson Singapore has a very experienced Tech Team with most of its employees having more than 5 years of experience. 

What’s striking is that a majority of its employees have more than 10 years of experience. 

If you’re a junior or mid level software engineer, perhaps this spells a good opportunity for you to tap on to their experience and learn as much as you can on the job.

Duration of Service of Dyson employees

Dyson Singapore seems to have quite a high turnover rate, with most of its employees leaving within 2 years of joining the company.

Perhaps the company ratings had a role to play in this, who knows?

Gender Diversity in Dyson Singapore’s tech team

Dyson Singapore has one of the highest percentages of Female Engineers in their Tech Team throughout the companies that we’ve reviewed so far.

Kudos to Dyson for valuing gender diversity.

How often do Software Engineers in Dyson Singapore get promoted?

It seems that promotions within Dyson are fairly reasonable, with around 39% of it’s 123 Singapore employees getting a promotion.

With its new headquarters at St James Power Station, perhaps more of its employees can have a chance at being promoted in the coming year.

Hiring Background of Dyson Singapore

Dyson Singapore hires most of its employees from either NUS or NTU. Also it seems that some former employees of Philips, Dyson’s competitors, have decided to cross over into Dyson. 

With the opening of its new Headquarters in Singapore, it might be an exciting time to consider joining them and tapping into their experienced team to learn and contribute as much as you can!

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