Giving back to the Community: Resume Review with Adrian 👋


Hey, you👋

Adrian here, Co-Founder of NodeFlair!

Having given 20+ resume reviews earlier this year (and reviewed 400+ internship applicants), I observe that many in their early careers don't know how best to write their resumes. 

I am not surprised, given that most wouldn't have the privilege of knowing how things work on the employers' end. Things like ensuring the CV is ATS-friendly (and human-friendly) etc.

Thus, I am making this an ongoing affair to give back to the community by providing free resume reviews to give actionable improvements for more.


Wall of Love ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it free?

Yup, 100% free.

Why are you doing this?

Being in the early stage of one's career can be pretty daunting. From those I have helped previously, I saw how a simple gesture like this was helpful (some got offers from popular tech companies), so I'm thinking of doing it more - just giving back to the community in every way within my means.

Am I eligible?

Yup, as long as you meet these criteria:

  1. Based in Singapore
  2. In your early careers (Students / Graduates / Junior Engineers)
  3. In the tech space (Software Engineers, Data Scientists etc.)

Why are you limiting it to these demographics?

My bandwidth is limited (busy building exciting things here at NodeFlair!), so I want to limit it to those who can benefit the most from this.

I might open it up to more people in the future!

What if I don't find the review helpful?

Well, I am sorry it is not up to your expectations. I appreciate the candid feedback and will use them to improve.

(And since I am doing this for free, I guess it is a full cash refund, by default)

Is this affiliated with NodeFlair?

Not really, except that I co-founded NodeFlair (and am tapping onto our community to reach more people).

And that this is very much aligned with our mission here to empower people to make smarter career decisions.

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