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Occupying 13,000 sq feet of Sandcrawler – the iconic building designed and named after the mobile fortresses in Star Wars – is a troop of developers building digital products that help government agencies better serve the needs of the people in Singapore. 

They're part of Government Technology Agency (GovTech)'s Government Digital Service (GDS), a progressive team spearheading the digital transformation of the Singapore Government.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, GovTech leveraged its technological capabilities to enable various agencies to better manage the crisis. A notable example would be TraceTogether, a bluetooth-based contract tracing app used by approximately 78% of the population. 

GovTech provides a wide range of tech internship roles as well as training opportunities. Let’s find out more about them!


  • GovTech Office is fun and resembles your typical start-ups
  • GovTech offers both Summer and Winter Internship
  • Graduating? Fast track your career with GovTech Technology Associate Programme (TAP)
  • GovTech Culture: Collaborative with Good work life balance - but have red tapes
  • GovTech pays competitively across seniority! 💰

GovTech Office: Yay or Nay?

GovTech wanted an agile, innovative and fun working environment where employees can enjoy certain freedom in defining their space to suit their style and pace of work.

With open and collaborative creative spaces, height-adjustable mobile desks and recreational amenities such as foosball, the office - dubbed  The Hive -  mimics that of a start-up rather than a government unit.

Believed to boost productivity, teams are split into smaller independent groups called ‘Tribes’, each consisting of cross-functional squads of no more than 10 members | Image Credit: GovTech
Where meetings take place | Image Credit: GovTech
GovTech encourages its employees to "work hard, play hard" | Image Credit: GovTech

GovTech Jobs & Careers: What's There and How to Apply?

Internships (Summer / Winter)

Gain the opportunity to be part of a team of committed people that drive transformation through technology! GovTech welcomes undergraduates, postgraduates and polytechnic students to apply for their internship programmes.

Winter internships and Summer internships are both offered at GovTech. 

  • GovTech Winter internship (typically from Dec-Jan) -  minimum commitment of 4 weeks
  • GovTech Summer internship (typically from May-Aug) - minimum commitment of 10 weeks

You will get the chance to gain :

  • Exposure to the tech industry and strategic national projects
  • Mentorship and peer learning
  • Networking opportunities

If you are interested in becoming an intern at GovTech, check out the different openings and apply here!

Image Credit: GovTech

Technology Associate Programme (TAP)

Technology Associate Programme (TAP) is an exclusive leadership-trainee programme designed to sharpen and develop your technical knowledge and professional skills, helping you fast-track your career in GovTech. 

Those under this programme will gain 2 years of specialist training, and be groomed to take on specialist and/or technology leadership roles within GovTech.


  • A Singapore Citizen
  • A fresh graduate with less than 2 years of working experiences
  • Passionate about technology

Applications for the TAP are typically open in October each year. To inquire further, you can email GovTech at AreYouIT@tech.gov.sg

Image Credit: GovTech

GovTech Reviews: Hear from Employees Themselves!

Unsure if GovTech truly is the company for you? We have consolidated a list of pros and cons based on the experiences of previous interns to aid you in making your decision.

Positive Reviews (NodeFlair & Glassdoor)

When asked about what they liked most about their internship experience at GovTech, many cited the presence of training and growth opportunities

According to anonymous users on NodeFlair Reviews, where GovTech holds an overall rating of 3.8 stars, there’s a “generous training budget” & “learning and development are abundant”.

In addition, Employee Wellness ranked the highest out of all attributes with 4.5 stars!

Other pointers include:

  • Good collaboration culture
  • Autonomous
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work-life balance
  • Friendly environment
  • Opportunities to develop and grow ideas
  • Good pay for an intern

On Glassdoor, GovTech sees a relatively high rating of 4.5 stars amongst interns, with 93% that would recommend it to a friend.

Negative Reviews (NodeFlair & Glassdoor)

A prominent downside observed across all reviews is, unsurprisingly, the red tape (i.e excessive bureaucracy) Users on Glassdoor state that “sometimes there is the unavoidable red tape” and “bureaucracy might hinder progress at times”. 

Other pointers include:

  • Lack of guidance at times
  • Slow-paced
  • Steep-learning curve

GovTech Salary and Pay

Salary should not be the main consideration for any job offer, especially so for internships. However, it is still crucial to know how the company pays. Knowing how well GovTech pays will give you a general idea of how the company values their employees, or help you decide whether or not to accept a full-time offer later on.

Let’s take a look at the salary of Software Engineers at GovTech, for example. 

Based on user submitted salaries verified by payslips/ offer letters on NodeFlair Salaries, the average salary (compared to market's median in 2021) is:

  • Intern*: $1,200 - $2,500 ($1,000 - $1,200)
  • Junior: $5,340 ($4,750)
  • Mid: $6,550 ($6,500)
  • Senior: $9,400 ($7,500)

* This data is from speaking to ex-interns and online forums as we do not have verifiable salary data for internships.

Regardless whether you’re a fresh-graduate or higher up in seniority, GovTech pays competitively!

Furthermore, 20% of the employees of GovTech Tech Team experienced a change in title during their time there, which more often than not correlates to promotions*. This adds up to about 137 staff members.

* This data was based on LinkedIn profiles who indicated a change in their title during their employment with GovTech. There might be some margin of error as not all employees have updated profiles.

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