How NodeFlair Salaries helps you negotiate a better pay


Picture this: After months of job hunting, you finally get a call from a company you were looking forward to joining, only to be lowballed when it comes to salary negotiation. If only you had data on the company’s salary band.

This is the exact problem that NodeFlair Salaries seeks to solve; by giving you access to credible salary bands to prevent disappointment.

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Let’s face it, we all want to be compensated fairly for our contributions. There are many factors that come into play when looking for the right company, but lets be real, these factors don’t pay the bills - salaries do.

We used to dread the good old “What is your expected salary?” line but with NodeFlair Salaries, we hope to give you the upper hand by giving you trustable insights into the average salary in your industry.

What is NodeFlair Salaries?

Prior to this, accurate tech salary data was non-existent publicly. NodeFlair Salaries aims to solve this problem by allowing you to search for the latest updated salaries and compensation in the market.

What makes us reliable is that we use user-verified salary data which is obtained through Offer Letters or Payslips, allowing you to have greater transparency with regard to the market rates of tech jobs.

The Common Pain Point We Hear From Software Engineers 

It’s a common practice for Software Engineers to have to go through several rounds of interviews to attend to land a job. Imagine the time and resources taken up just to attend interviews! 

That being said, why should you waste your time going through rounds of interviews without knowing the type of compensation you’re likely to be offered?

No one wants to go through interviews only to find out at the final stage that you’ll be getting 15% lower than your current salary. What a bummer!

This is why we built NodeFlair Salaries. We want to empower tech talents like you and help you make smarter career decisions. We’ve decided to nip the problem in the bud by creating the LARGEST accumulation of ACCURATE salary data, verified with real Payslips and Offer Letters.

Trust and Transparency

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Truth be told, NodeFlair Salaries is unrivalled when it comes to providing a large amount of accurate tech salary data.     

Many users have given us feedback about their frustrations on salary data from Glassdoor, saying that most are very "off". This is because literally anyone can submit salary data there, even if they are not employees of the company. We call these "ghost listings".

Today, we already have more than 800 verified salary submissions on NodeFlair Salaries. By building up a large repository of verified salary data, we can quickly identify and solve any discrepancies on salary data for your benefit.

While it is unorthodox today, we strongly believe in a world where salary information is widely accessible, transparent, and accurate! 

The Three Types of Salary Data on NodeFlair Salaries

Our team prefers user-submitted salaries due to the precision it offers. Every single piece of data is manually verified by our team and while it makes verification somewhat tedious, the accuracy that this process provides makes it worth the added trouble.

We are working hard to phase out salary data from MyCareersFuture which we still show on our site as we find that the salary ranges provided are simply too wide. 

We prefer precision and accuracy, and to do that, we would need to have enough user-submitted data first.

Here's how you can contribute to NodeFlair Salaries!

Join our growing community of 800+ tech talents who have already submitted their salary data. Put an end to the opaqueness here in Singapore and bring the power back to yourself. Submit your salary today!

How Does NodeFlair Salaries Work?

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By inviting our community of techies to contribute personal salary data, coupled with a strict and trustworthy verification process, we’ve created Singapore’s largest and most accurate salary data set to date ⁠— specifically for tech talents like yourself!

Our salary data primarily comes from community submissions. NodeFlair Salaries works by allowing users to add their salaries anonymously through an offer letter, payslip, or manual entry, which then goes through our verification process.

Users can view salaries filtered by seniority and specialisation, browse popular companies, view real-time market insights on salaries for a variety of tech jobs, as well as the latest salaries on NodeFlair Salaries

Top Burning Questions About NodeFlair Salaries

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1. Q: Will companies be upset if they found out that I revealed my salary data?"

A: It’s inevitable for companies to be upset by this. But the truth is, people have already been sharing their salary information with each other before we came up with NodeFlair Salaries. We are merely lubricating this entire process and flattening the barrier to accessing this information, which is currently hard to access. Rest assured, your salary submissions will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Q: Company salary ranges can change depending on when they do a review or market adjustments. How would you factor this to maintain the accuracy of the data?

A: We don't adjust anything on our end, as that will introduce bias. We are firm on staying neutral and objective and aim to solve this problem by growing the liquidity of our salary submissions. This will ensure freshness of data, which is automatically adjusted for "inflation" and updated "salary bands".

3. Q: Since NodeFlair is free to use, this means that we are the product by providing you with our data, right? Can you share how NodeFlair makes money?

A: As a company, we need to make money to pursue our mission, but we do not earn money from selling your salary data. This is our promise to you as we take privacy very seriously. As a company, we make money from recruitment services by matching our users to our partnering companies via NodeFlair Recruiter.

Do you have a burning question regarding NodeFlair Salaries? Let us know!

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