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Job hunting online can be stressful and tedious, especially if the portal is not catered to the industry you’re looking to enter. But it doesn’t have to be this hard!

If you’re a techie looking for a job, NodeFlair’s new job aggregator is created with you in mind. By tailoring job searches to your specifications from popular job sites and career pages, we’re on a quest to help you find a job that’s best suited for you.

Here are some key features of NodeFlair Jobs:

  • Smart and precise search bar (plus we speak your language!)
NodeFlair Jobs Search Function

Our search engine is designed with coding language weaved in. This means you can search up granular keywords in the job search bar, like “shopee” or “dev”, and expect to receive all the relevant results. Go ahead, try it out!

  • Filter search options by Tech Stack, Seniority, Specialisation and/or Company
NodeFlair Jobs Filter Function

If you need some help figuring out where to start, our filters can give you a hand. Simply input the function Tech Stack, to search for jobs requiring the coding language you’re proficient in, Seniority, for the job classification your qualifications allow, Specialisation, for the type of role you might be interested in, and Company, for the organisation of your choice.

Our filter options lets you input as many choices as possible, so if you’re looking for mid to senior-level backend developer jobs across several companies, and you’re proficient in programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc., including these options can help you narrow your searches better.

  • Consolidated view of a job through NodeFlair Insights (new!)
NodeFlair Job Insights

While looking for a job, the majority of us look at the tech team of a said company, as a strong deciding factor. Today, the process of job researching is tedious, and not entirely objective, without an independent platform providing consolidation. The trouble of browsing across multiple review platforms and potentially reaching out to existing employees who are willing to open up about their working experience can be a lot.

NodeFlair Insights (currently in BETA testing) compiles insider tech team data from across various job listing platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, to help you draw better comparisons across companies. By doing so, the duration spent on job research has been reduced significantly - from what could’ve easily been 5 hours of independent research time, to just minutes with NodeFlair Insights. We’ll show you data that matters, from the number of promotions handed out, to the average ranking of the company across all companies. This additional set of information serves to help you make more informed choices.

An example here:

  • Browse by jobs within a specific company instead

But let’s say you already have a specific company in mind… NodeFlair jobs lets you browse all the jobs available from your company of choice too. There, you’ll get to further test out our NodeFlair Insights.

NodeFlair Jobs - by Company

We provide an in depth detailing of each company profile, from the percentage of headcount assigned to tech roles, to the hiring background and educational qualifications of individuals, you get to weigh for yourself whether you might be a good candidate for your dream company, and how you can work on ensuring you secure a job there.

An example:

When you use NodeFlair jobs, you’ll not only have a portal that caters specifically to you, a techie, but you’ll get to better understand how you can land your next dream role in your company of choice. Be smart about your job hunt. Try NodeFlair jobs now.

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