StashAway vs Endowus: which is the better company to work for?


When it comes to Robo-advisors, two names primarily come to mind: StashAway, and Endowus. Robo-advisors are growing in popularity especially in young investors.

Even if you’re not a Software Engineer looking for a job, it’s good to know the background of the company that you’re trusting your money with because a healthy working culture usually translates to a better overall product.

Perhaps this article could serve as a StashAway and Endowus review.

Besides, it's important to take all factors into account when investing your hard-earned money.

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In this short article, we compared the two companies to see which Robo-advisory is the better one to work for!

What we compared: Salaries, seniority, gender diversity, promotions, tech team headcount, and hiring background.

Disclaimer: Data Source and Accuracy


  • All data presented in this article are acquired from NodeFlair Insights
  • NodeFlair Insights scrapes public data (eg LinkedIn profiles, Crunchbase) and presents them in an insightful manner


  • We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as the data source (eg LinkedIn) may not be fully updated / accurate
  • Based on our experience, the data tends to be accurate
  • It does offer some perspective into a company's culture and practices

Learn more:

  • To deep dive into the source and calculations, refer to the tooltip on any Insight Card on the company pages

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TLDR: StashAway vs Endowus: which is the better company to work for?

If you want us to get to the point so you can get a head start on your job application, here’s the short answer:

Although (spoiler alert!) Endowus edges this comparison by a small margin, IT DEPENDS!

To understand how we came to this conclusion, read on! 

How much does StashAway and Endowus pay?

Based on our real-time Market Insights feature, here are the average salaries for Software Engineers, QA/Testing, and Cybersecurity Engineers in Singapore.

Screenshot from NodeFlair Salaries (

While it is unfair to compare Endowus and Stashaway head to head in this aspect due to a lack of data, we can compare the data that we have to the industry average.

This is how they did:

Screenshot from NodeFlair Salaries (

Both companies are paying above the industry average salary for Software Engineers (phew) although, by the looks of it, Endowus is paying Junior Software Engineers more.

Based on anonymous market research, here’s how Endowus pays their engineers:

  • Junior: $6000 to $8000
  • Mid: $8000 to $11000
  • Senior: $12000 to $13000

Based on this, it seems as though Endowus pays their engineers better, but due to the lack of verified data, it would be unfair to call out a clear winner.

Result: Draw

Glassdoor Ratings of StashAway and Endowus

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

Both StashAway and Endowus score well for their Glassdoor Ratings, coming in at an average of 4.6 and 4.7 respectively. Both companies are well above the 50th percentile compared to other companies, which is definitely a good sign!

Winner: Draw

Seniority Distribution of StashAway and Endowus

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

Both companies have a fairly even Seniority Distribution, with the bulk of their tech teams being senior talents with more than 5 years of experience. It is worth noting that that StashAway has quite a fair amount of mid-career tech talents.

If you’re in a junior role, being surrounded by an experienced team helps you to learn and grow faster professionally.

However, if you’re in a senior role, bear in mind that you’ll be competing in a top-heavy organization, meaning that you’ll likely have to fight for your promotion, should you choose to work for either of the 2 companies.

It’s impossible to pick a winner here because the answer varies depending on your seniority. In this instance, we’ll call it a draw!

Winner: Draw 

Duration of Service of StashAway and Endowus employees

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

We won’t be scoring this due to a lack of data, but let’s work with what we have.

The duration of service is split up into 5 segments as seen above. While the data only reflects the company’s current employees, it can offer some valuable insights.

Based on the data, we can tell that StashAway has been rapidly hiring, with a majority of their employees having been with the company for less than 2 years. 

In hindsight, it could also mean that StashAway has a high turnover rate hence the large proportion of data being skewed towards those with less than 2 years of experience.

Winner: None

Gender Diversity of StashAway and Endowus

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

Gender Diversity in a workplace can be used as a gauge of a company’s working culture. 

We’ve seen that women too can do great things in tech, especially highlighted in GovTech’s team who designed Singapore’s Covid-19 vaccination system, which means that women should be given a fair chance in tech as well.

Endowus wins this round with 13% of its engineers being female, double that of StashAway. That being said, there still is some way to go in terms of raising the participation of women in tech.

Winner: Endowus

Title Changes within StashAway and Endowus

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

The data on NodeFlair Insights only reflects title changes amongst the tech team. While this may mean a change of role or function, title changes usually correlate to a promotion.

In this instance, Endowus wins by a large margin, with 25% of its talents receiving promotions, compared to the 0% from StashAway. 

StashAway’s jarring statistic could also be a contributing factor to their recent influx of new hires, especially those with less than 2 years of experience, as seen in the Duration of Service comparison above.

From this result, it can be inferred that there is more room for promotions for Software Engineers within Endowus.

Winner: Endowus

Hiring Background

Screenshot from NodeFlair Insights (

We won’t be scoring this, but it looks like some of the folks from StashAway have left to join Endowus. 

Michele Ferrario's StashAway vs Samuel Rhee's Endowus: Which is better?

Although Samuel Rhee's Endowus edges this comparison with a score of 5-4, we feel that it’s better to call the contest a draw.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to pull from this comparison and make the right career decision for yourself.

Let us know what you think!

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