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Team NodeFlair ready to meet you!
Team NodeFlair ready to meet you!

So you have been stuck at the same job for some time now, and you’re unhappy. or you are fresh out of university... You figure, it’s a month into 2020, time to actually get started on those new year resolutions. Step one - looking out for a new job.

But you’re not sure where to begin, what companies might be suitable — you’re not even sure if you know how to craft a resume impressive enough to land you any interviews. Not to mention, there are a TON of recruitment agencies around and you’re not sure which service you can trust...

Ready to meet your new career best friend? At NodeFlair, we’ll introduce you to a talent consultants the minute your profile is approved. From that point on, this talent consultants will be your buddy, your mentor, your career guru, you name it. 

The best part? It’s free of charge. Unlike recruiters who are often driven by sales, talent consultants are evaluated exclusively off your experience with them. Not only have they had years of experience in the tech recruitment field, they are firm believers of adding value through the human touch. That means we care about you!

Kian Chong, or KC for short, is one of NodeFlair’s most passionate talent consultants. Having worked with over 800 developers, he shares how exactly a talent consultants can value add to your life. 

KC (left), a talent advocate picking up developers at Changi Airport to accompany them to their accommodations
Talent consultant KC (left) picking up developers at Changi Airport to accompany them to their accommodations

Qn: Hi KC! First question, can you explain to us in more detail, what exactly a talent consultant does?

KC: Hi! So a talent consultants, or TA for short, helps developers in their entire process from when they sign up, until they get hired, and oftentimes beyond that as well. From the moment you sign up on the platform, we’ll be there with you to help you build up a strong profile. From there, we will guide you on how to perform during interviews, to ensure you’ll ace it on the actual day, and walk you through the various offers you’ll receive. It’s important to understand a company, and to weigh your options, and we’ll tell you exactly how to do that. 

Talent advocates at Shopee’s office for a quick check in with their developers, and to deliver their gift boxes to them
Talent consultants at Shopee’s office for a quick check in with their developers, and to deliver their gift boxes to them

For candidates that hail from overseas, we understand that this process can be extra daunting, so we go the extra mile to help you with other details that are often overlooked, but might even be more important. Things such as finding a suitable place of accommodation, to understanding the culture and cost of living

We’ll also prepare a NodeFlair gift box for you on your first day of work, we know day-one jitters better than anyone. 

Developers share their experience on their journey with NodeFlair
Developers share their experience on their journey with NodeFlair

In short, we will:
  1. Build your profile with you
  2. Give advice on various companies in Singapore
  3. Guide you through the interview process (Feedback, getting response etc.)
  4. Guide you through receiving an offer and evaluate it against other offers
  5. For overseas candidates, you’ll get to know more about the cost of living, and how to relocate to Singapore
  6. Send you a gift box for day one 
  7. Do regular check ins from time to time!

Qn: Why is it necessary for budding developers to have a talent consultants?

KC: We understand that developers are extremely busy people, pushing codes on a day to day basis. So looking out for new jobs that would be suitable is rather difficult and possibly too time consuming for them.

As experts in the recruitment field, we know how to curate and package your profile in a way that will make you a prospective candidate for any company. 

Because of our close relations to a vast number of companies in Singapore, we know exactly what kind of people they’re looking to hire, and the requirements they need.

We’ll provide you with guides and information on these companies, which will empower you to make sound and smarter career choices, as you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for (we’ll tell you everything).

Think of talent consultants as your own personal cheerleader, that you can talk to at any point of time when you need any help and we really mean it! Any help at all; including understanding Singapore Market, learning about the market standards here, etc etc. 

Qn: You mention that TAs stick with candidates until after they secure a job, are there any candidates that turn into lifelong friends? 

KC: Yes, I think friendship blossoms very naturally from the moment some candidates arrive at Changi Airport, ready to take on a job in Singapore. Witnessing this moment as a talent consultants, makes you feel like you’ve significantly changed someone’s life, for the better. It’s incredibly fulfilling, the process of knowing someone from the moment they sign up, to the moment they start their first day of work. 

Developers and talent advocates enjoy a game of foosball at the NodeFlair office
Developers and talent consultants enjoy a game of foosball at the NodeFlair office

There are a couple of developers that become friends with some of us at NodeFlair, and until today, we still meet them for meals just to check in to see if they’re doing well at work, or to catch up on life. 

We know how difficult it can be to tackle the working world on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone. With our talent consultants standing by you at every step of the process, all it takes is for you to sign up with NodeFlair, today. We’re excited to meet you!

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