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eInfochips, an Arrow company, is a leading global provider of product engineering and semiconductor design services. With over 500+ products developed and 40M deployments in 140 countries, eInfochips continues to fuel technological innovations in multiple verticals. The company’s service offerings include digital transformation and connected IoT solutions, Including IoT Security, across various cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure. Our work culture is built over years of experience in providing innovative solutions to our clients and our indomitable spirit to excel in all aspects of our engagement. We believe that our success lies upon the skills and quality of our people we work with.Silicon engineering services: ASIC / FPGA Design & Development, Design Verification & Validation, Physical Design & DFT Embedded systems engineering services: Hardware Design, System Software, System Verification & Validation, Multimedia Software engineering services: Cloud Enablement, IoT & Mobility, Application Software, QA and Test Automation, BI and Data VisualizationExtended services: New Product Development, Lifecycle Management, Product Sustenance IPs: DevOps for IoT, IoT Gateway Framework, IoT Device Lifecycle Management, Video Management Software, Reusable Camera Framework, Test Automation Framework, Reference Designs & EVMs, Verification IPs, OptiX – Physical Design Framework Corporate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DHkl-dy52wTo request information, write to [email protected] or visit www.einfochips.com

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eInfochips Software Engineer Salaries in India


Average Salary Range:
₹ 50,000 - ₹ 1,00,000
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