Introducing Iterative Summer 2022 Batch


July 15, 2022

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We're in our third year running Iterative, but it feels like we're just getting started. This is our fifth batch of companies for Summer 2022 - and our biggest one yet.

We've received over 430+ applications, spent over 200+ hours on interviews (thank you, visiting partners!) and selected these 19 amazing companies.



Career transparency platform for tech talent

Salary transparency is rarely practised in Southeast Asia, which makes it difficult for professionals to know what fair compensation looks like. It’s just as hard for employers to know what to pay employees.

Nodeflair wants to change this. They're bringing transparency to salaries and work cultures - we think of them a bit like Glassdoor (a unicorn co) for the region. As Southeast Asia matures, it’s inevitable that employees will want to work for the best companies. Smart employers who want to attract the best talent will need to move from incentivising through pay to providing the best work culture. We think Nodeflair will be the first place job seekers go to vet companies, which means companies will need to be there to get the best talent.