Salary for software engineers soar 7.61% YoY

Singapore Business Review (SBR)

March 9, 2023

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A salary report revealed that the salaries of software engineers in Singapore received a 7.61% increase in 2022.

According to NodeFlair and Iterative’s Tech Salary Report 2023, the median salary for a junior software engineer in 2022 is $5k, 5% higher than $4.7k in 2021, whilst that for mid-level and senior-level senior engineers is $7k and $8k, respectively.

The report also said that at the 10th percentile, the junior, mid, and senior software engineers receive $3.5k, $4.5k, and $5.6k, respectively, whilst, at the 90th percentile, their pay cheques contain $8.5k, $11k, and $12k, respectively.

The report cited that the salary difference between the 10th and 90th percentile “can be as high as three times,” and the gap between them for engineering roles widens by up to approximately 2.8 times as it goes up the seniority ladder.