Singapore tech salaries surged in 2022

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March 10, 2023

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SINGAPORE CITY, SINGAPORE — A new report by tech salaries aggregator Nodeflair and venture capital firm Iterative revealed that tech salaries in Singapore mostly jumped in 2022.

Blockchain engineers received the highest wage increases last year with 15.62%, followed by mobile engineers at 11.73%, and site reliability engineers at 10.63%.

Software engineers also hit a record high after increasing an average of 7.6% in 2022.

On the other hand, salaries for systems engineers dropped by 2.01%, cybersecurity engineers by 1.67%, and quality assurance roles to 0.95% in the same year.

Still, the report stated that “the outlook for 2023 in the tech talent and hiring market is expected to show a continued demand for tech talents, although at a slower rate compared to the past few years.”

Across Asia, software engineers based in Singapore earned the highest — between an average of US$3,703 for junior positions to US$10,183 for managerial positions.

Taiwan and Malaysia were the second and third highest-paying countries, respectively.

The report analyzed over 169,000 data points collected from companies of all sizes and industries in NodeFlair’s proprietary database. These data points include pay slips, users’ offer letters, and job advertisements from job portals in 2022.