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Singapore 2021 / 2022
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Our mission at NodeFlair is to empower tech talents to make smarter career decisions. In 2021, with the help of users like yourselves, we collected over 30,000 salary data points. These include user submissions verified by documents (payslips and offer letters) and job advertisements from various aggregated from various job portals.


In this report, you will discover:

1) Singapore tech talent salary by roles

‍‍Access tech compensation data to plan for better salary negotiation and hiring budgets planning

2) Analysis of top searched companies

Deep dive into why these 15 companies are the most popular amongst tech talents

3) Tech talents beyond Singapore

Compare salary and role breakdown with those of India's and Indonesia's

4) Talent insights by over ten engineering leaders

Hear from experienced leaders from Shopify, Carousell,, Open Government Products and more on how they manage talents in 6 key aspects - Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention and Separation.

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Damiano Tietto, Julius Uy, Ishan Agrawal, Alwyn Tan, TeckChun Pang, Ashish Awasthi, Winston Teo, Gibson Tang, Eddie Lau, Pavel Kudinov, Derrick Lee and their companies for spending time to share their experiences and expertises on the best practices when it comes to talent management.


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NodeFlair is Singapore #1 tech talent platform empowering talents to make smarter career decisions with data, not opinion. Founded in 2018, NodeFlair has evolved from a tech-enabled recruitment platform to a full-stack tech career platform with products for every step of their career.


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