List of Y Combinator (YC) Tech Companies in Singapore


Previously, our blog post on the list of top tech companies in Singapore has received great responses from many of you.

We also learnt that Y Combinator (YC) backed companies are popular amongst some of you when looking for your next gig. As such, we compiled a list of YC-backed tech companies with an engineering presence here in Singapore across the different funding stages.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Backed by Y Combinator (YC)
  • Have tech teams in Singapore OR hiring in Singapore
  • Still operating (based on online sources)


  • Companies within each category are sorted alphabetically
  • Funding stages are based on data from Crunchbase
  • This list is accurate as of publishing - reach out to marketing [at] if you wish to suggest any changes.

Pre Seed and Seed Rounds

  • - Driving dental clinic revenue by finding more cavities
  • Ajourney - Gusto for South East Asia
  • Atlas - Operating system for restaurants, focusing on Southeast Asia
  • AlemHealth - AI Radiologist in a Box
  • Arrow - Modern Checkout Platform for D2C brands in Southeast Asia
  • bipi - formerly Axross - Promotions-enabled mobile POS for cornerstores.
  • Circular - Subscription consumer electronics for Asia
  • Clerky - Makes legal paperwork easy for startups and their attorney
  • Cococart - Empowering local businesses to sell online
  • Friz - Neobank for freelancers in South-east Asia and South Asia
  • Greywing - The Operating System for Maritime
  • Hypotenuse AI - Automatically generate copywriting for e-commerce
  • MindFi - Transforming Mental Health for Corporate Asia
  • Peakflo - for SE Asia
  • Powerhouse AI - Automating warehouse inventory checks, with a phone
  • Strive Math - Teaching Grade 4-10 Math Through Code
  • Suggestr - Amazon-level personalization for Shopify merchants
  • Syncware - Helping warehouses optimize operations with AI
  • Take App - WhatsApp ordering and newsletters made easy
  • Unravel Carbon - Enterprise software for companies to track and reduce their carbon emissions

Series A

  • Bot MD - AI Clinical Assistant for Doctors
  • BukuWarung - Accounting & Payments app for 60M micro-businesses in Indonesia
  • Caper - Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI
  • Cruise - Self-driving cars
  • Gordian Software - Building software to remove friction in air travel
  • HitPay - No code payment processing for SMBs in South East Asia
  • Jenfi - Revenue-based financing for digital businesses in Asia
  • Legionfarm - We connect gamers with training and assistance from Pro players
  • Padlet - Papyrus → Parchment → Paper → Padlet
  • Saleswhale, a 6sense company - AI Sales Assistant that scales lead qualification via two-way email conversation
  • Shiok Meats - Cell-based clean meat company, exclusively working on seafood

Series B

  • Supabase - Build in a weekend. Scale to billions.
  • FAZZ Financial Group - All-in-one Finance for Every Southeast Asia Business
  • Spenmo - Manage all business payables in one dashboard
  • BuildZoom - A better way to remodel
  • Gigster - Build and manage distributed teams
  • Gather - Building a better way to meet online.
  • Rainforest QA - no-code end-to-end testing that integrates with any CI/CD pipeline
  • Leena AI - Enterprise conversational AI that enhances employee experience
  • Aspire - Finance OS for growing businesses

Series C

  • Chaldal - Grocery e-commerce platform in Bangladesh
  • Instawork - Flexible staffing solution for hourly workers and hospitality
  • MessageBird - The world’s largest omnichannel communications platform
  • Mixpanel - Product analytics to help convert, engage, and retain more users.
  • Sendbird - Conversations platform for mobile apps
  • Tech in Asia - Media, events, and jobs platform for Asia's tech communities.
  • Zeus Living - Tech-enabled property manager focused on corporate rentals

Series D

  • Fivetran - The global leader in modern data integration
  • Xendit - Provides payment infrastructure for Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Series E and Above

  • Flexport - Platform for global logistics.
  • Ironclad - Digital contracting platform for legal teams.
  • Sift - Digital trust and safety suite for businesses.
  • Stripe - Payments infrastructure for the internet.

Public / Acquired

  • Amplitude - Pioneering Digital Optimization
  • Coinbase - Buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies.
  • Dropbox - Backup and share files in the cloud.
  • GitLab - A complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application.
  • Matterport - Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds.
  • Optimizely - Deliver relevant experiences driven by experimentation and data.
  • Twitch - A global community creating the future of live entertainment.

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