List of Top Tech Companies in Singapore (besides FAANG)


Over the past two weeks, we spoke to many of you about your job search experiences. One of the recurring themes was: I don't know which are the tech companies here (with exciting work and opportunities).

As such, we compiled a list of tech companies here in Singapore besides your usual FAANG (or MANGA), including tech unicorns (both locally and globally), hot Fintech and Cryptocurrency companies, and more.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Have tech teams in Singapore OR hiring in Singapore
  • The company size is not too small unless they show signs of hypergrowth, including raising large funding rounds, hiring aggressively, notable founding team etc.


  • Companies within each category are sorted alphabetically 
  • Some companies can appear in more than one category

Though we tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, this list is non-exhausting. But YOU can help to improve this list! If you...

  • Know a company that you feel should be included (or excluded) but is not? 
  • Think there should be a new category that we missed out?

Fill up the form at the end of the post!

Unicorns in Asia

Rising Unicorns

FAANG and Friends

Global Tech Companies

E-Commerce (including Aggregators)

Fintech (Payments, Neobanks, BNPL etc.)

Blockchain (Crypto, DeFi etc.)




High-Frequency Trading

  • Work-in-Progress (WIP)

Other Notable Tech Companies

Top 15 Search Companies in 2021

Earlier this year, we launched our Tech Salary Report 2021/2022, which includes the Top 15 Most-Searched Companies.

  1. Govtech
  2. Shopee
  3. Bytedance
  4. Grab
  5. Google
  6. Facebook
  7. DBS Bank
  8. Goldman Sachs
  9. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  10. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  11. Amazon
  12. Apple
  13. foodpanda
  14. PayPal
  15. Visa

Special Thanks

Shoutout to Zhu Liang - this post is inspired by the list of notable tech companies he compiled and is an extension of it.

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