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Singapore, India
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1,001-5,000 globally
The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising around the world. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk offers a self-service technology platform to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns. Buyers can create highly personalized ad experiences across various channels, including display, native, video, audio, and social, and on a multitude of devices, including computers, mobile, and TV.

Advertising campaigns powered by The Trade Desk take advantage of market-leading targeting capabilities, full-funnel attribution, and detailed reporting that illustrates the consumer journey from initial impression to conversion. 

Headquartered in Ventura, California, The Trade Desk has 23 global offices across USA, Europe, and Asia.
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Culture at The Trade Desk

We are uniquely positioned as we're building a product for both internal & external users. In Singapore particularly, we have a team of traders who use our product daily so that engineers get an opportunity to understand real-world problems our users face by simply going a few rows of desks and talking to those folks! 

We have a unique process where engineers, product, customer services and others present features and areas they think engineering should focus on, ensuring a bottom-up process of developing and pushing our product even further.

We are a product company and our engineers are the superstars in the ranks. We put a lot of focus on automation and ensuring we use the right tools for the job. We have teams dedicated to bringing Developer Experience to the next level, ensuring we can automate things that otherwise would have to be done manually. 

Do you need a new environment? Just send a slack message to our CloudSpin bot - you'll have a fresh environment with production-like data within 30 minutes!

At The Trade Desk, we have a very well-defined career model that cuts across all levels & career paths in Engineering. We make it very transparent and open right from the interview process about how individuals can grow their careers once they decide to join. 

Many tech companies require individual contributors -- passionate coders -- to move to a managerial role to get promoted & grow their careers. We believe you should have the freedom to follow your passion, be it coding, managing people or perhaps both, and the company should offer you room to grow! 

Second, we believe in fostering the right environment around you. If you think your skills will be better suited to another team we are fully supportive and committed to offering internal mobility options, where you can be more selective on which areas of the platform you want to contribute.

Openness is one of the core values of The Trade Desk. We believe in open communication and transparency in decision-making. We have bi-weekly all-hands where each department has a chance to speak about their achievements, so you'll get to hear and see how we perform with our clients and what new businesses we bring almost every other week! 

On top of that, we run Engineering all-hands every 2 weeks, where you'll get a chance to speak to and hear from leaders of the organisation, asking & answering questions people have. 

We encourage everyone to ask difficult questions and voice their opinions either in a public forum or through more private conversations, depending on everyone's confidence levels.

At the core, The Trade Desk is a distributed company. We believe in building distributed teams across various locations, which allows working on cool & global features from every region in the world. 

At the same time, we put very conscious effort to organise teams such that there is no overhead of vastly different timezones within the same team. You will find that everyone is very conscious of everyone's working hours and people will avoid putting in meetings outside of their normal working hours. 

We believe that every employee is a key to our success, there's no doubt about that, but we also believe your personal life matters and is more important to you than anything else. We foster a culture that promotes a healthy approach to work and flexible working arrangements. We understand everyone's circumstances are different, so we don't have a prescription for the working arrangement for our employees. It is between you, your team and your manager to find a healthy balance!

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Benefits at The Trade Desk

  • Education Reimbursement Program

    Full-time employees who have completed 6 months of service with the company are eligible for continuing education reimbursement at a capped amount per annum.

  • ESOP (Stock Options / RSUs)

  • ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program)

  • Meal Allowance

  • Wellbeing Allowance

    A library of resources from Modern Health to support their emotional well-being, such as coaching sessions, mindfulness videos and live community sessions.

  • Paid Time Off / Annual Leave

  • Sick Leave

  • Hospitalization Leave

  • Family & Caregiver Leave

  • Maternity Leave

  • Paternity Leave

  • Bereavement Leave

  • Sabbatical Leave

    Milestone leave: Upon crossing the 7th anniversary, an additional 4 weeks of paid leave is given on top of the annual PTO.

  • Medical Care

  • Life Insurance

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Health Screening

  • Maternity Expenses

  • Free Lunches

    Catered lunch for full-time employees 3x a week

  • Free Snacks

    The pantry is well-stocked with a wide range of snacks (both healthy and indulgent), fresh juices, coffee machines etc.

  • Entertainment Facilities

    PS4 to play video games

  • Hybrid Work

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