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ACKTEC's vision is to provide an environment for all learners to nurture the spirit of learning and the spirit of excellence. The mission is to develop in all their students the passion to learn, the confidence to become self-directed and to micro-learn whenever they forget the concept.With the vision of automating knowledge through technology, we aim to create a vibrant innovative community that provides professional development for all educator, trainers and teachers to ensure high quality of learning for all level students. Our Product development is typically shorter and faster than most e-learning company and our easy to use technology and product development process allow us to create our products within days. In addition, we are able to provide with our customer a high value of content curation and creation through the use of mobile e-learning embedded with 360 VR, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features.ActiveLearn is ACKTEC flagship Smart Education AI Platform. Using Cutting edge innovative technology, ActiveLearn delivers personalized, adaptive learning using AI Virtual Assistance and offers 360 with AI predictive analytics.

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