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AXS was born out of the need to make bill payment easy, and to fulfill the want to pay anytime and anywhere. Our platform creates the one-stop convenience to make settling the mundane stuff painless.The AXS story started in 2000 with the first AXS Station being deployed in 2001. Since then, AXS channels have expanded to both web (e-Station) and mobile (m-Station).The people here in AXS don't stop at just providing payment processing for your bills, fines and top-ups. We come together to innovate, create and enable better platforms to deliver services at your fingertips. We are forever tinkering with our products, processes and coming up with new ways of doing old stuff.We seek to cultivate an environment that is fun and also one that rewards original thinking and determination. We believe in the power of inclusion, opportunity and empowerment. 

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