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About Civil Service College

CSC was inaugurated as a statutory board under the Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office, in October 2001. 

As the public sector's core institution for training, learning, research and staff development, CSC provides officers from across the Public Service with opportunities to:

 - Learn and share knowledge
 - Network, dialogue and exchange views
 - Develop a service-wide ethos and shared perspectives

CSC's wide range of activities builds strategic capacity in governance, leadership, public administration and management for a networked government in Singapore. CSC offers:

 - A broad range of training programmes and services relevant to public administration and governance. These are facilitated by respected thought leaders and experienced practitioners. 

 - Lectures, seminars, events and publications featuring international experts, public and private sector leaders, and academia. They bring new insights and fresh perspectives on strategic issues relevant to the public sector.

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