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MissionWhat we pursue,Wow the World! Spark Excitement in Everyone!Our mission is:- to offer excitement- to spread it from Japan to all over the world- to link our users together- to strive as one to challenge new thingsWe offer “Wow!”, “和 (WA: Japanese style)” and “輪 (WA: social network)” to the world.MindThe spirit in order to achieve our missions.One Step Beyond~First to Try, First to Fail, First to Recover~Each of us never forget our mind to try earlier than anyone else to be one step beyond, so that we can realise anything which has never been accomplished.ValueAction guide to embody our mind.Keep on TryingWe bravely continue challenging with the active input of the latest trend and technology.Stay PositiveWe always interact with the people around us with pleasant and cheerful attitude, and constructively tackle difficulty.Unite as OneWe take full advantage of our business resources, and collaborate actively not only within a team but also a company and with the outside.We completely renewed our company’s mission and logo in order to be bound for the next stage.We make a new pledge to all of you.

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