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We are in the business of fun and no one takes fun more seriously than us, which is why we put our people at the heart of everything we do, and how we do it. Get inspired because no one’s having more fun than us.Helix Leisure is a mix of industry insiders and next generation IT, a familial high-tech with a legacy of innovation in the Family Entertainment space. The legacy of innovation started in 1958, when Malcolm Steinberg founded Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI) in Perth, Western Australia. LAI Group was an early pioneer of the Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) concept, founding the Timezone brand of FECs in 1978.With over 200 locations, Timezone is the leading FEC operator across Oceania today.LAI expanded into additional services: offering a cashless business management system that became Embed; a full range of amusement machines that became LAI Games. And, in 2013, The Locker Network began offering the best-in-class Compusafe™ electronic storage solutions to entertainment operators globally.In 2014, Helix Leisure was created, merging Embed, LAI Games, The Locker Network, and the Matahari Leisure JV into a single operating company.Helix Leisure’s acquisition of Booking Boss in 2017 solidified its technology backbone across its entire enterprise, extending into Saas (software as a solution) cloud-based business solutions that integrate and manage every aspect of the FECs and Attractions business.Helix Leisure is co-headquartered in Singapore and Perth. 

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