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With a strong focus on helping businesses increase profits, decrease costs, and increase productivity utilising mobility, iApps is Australia’s leading mobile application developer. With very diverse experience across a broad spectrum of business verticals, iApps has the experience and personnel to deliver on complex solutions for industry.Having developed solutions for Ramsay Health, MLC, SAP, Tourism Noosa, NSW Gov, QLD Gov, just to name a few.Extensive experience in Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Java and a multitude of other software languages.Founded in 2009 by CEO Rick Hoy and CIO Andrew Longhorn, the company has experienced phenomenal growth as its world-class applications continue to reinforce its standing as a market leader in mobile software development.Currently with offices on two continents, iApps is the largest locally grown app developer in Australia.iApps goes ‘above and beyond’ for its clients through every step of the development process. Starting with an idea, iApps develops a concept then creates, plans, codes and supports every mobile application it builds.

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