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Founded in 2014, Kpler is the leading provider of transparency solutions in commodity markets. We develop proprietary technologies that systematically aggregate and process data from hundreds of sources including AIS signals, satellite images, logistics and commercial reports, and governmental and shipping databases. By connecting the dots across fragmented information landscapes, we deliver market professionals with real-time intelligence (flows, inventories, freight) across more than 20 commodity markets.

Our clients span from world-leading trading houses, energy companies, asset managers and pure financial players. By building close-knit relations with them, they can feel safe in trusting us with sensitive data, while also knowing that we will strive to bring them new and improved products on a monthly basis. In the rapidly evolving commodity markets, being the first to know can make all the difference. And that’s where Kpler comes in.

From a start-up, Kpler has become an international company with six offices worldwide - Houston, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore - and over 100 employees of various backgrounds, with diversified skill sets and international experiences. This fast-paced growth has been achieved only organically, without relying on any venture capital - a unique case in the data industry.

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