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3.3 (Glassdoor)

About Microtel Technology

Our Company
Founded in 2000, Microtel Technology has been developing and providing innovative communication products for professional industries. Microtel Technology believes in providing simple, innovative and affordable solutions to our client's communication needs.

Our Products
Microtel Technology communications product range comprises of:-
- Professional headsets and interfaces for call centres and office
- Professional telephony
- Cloud Communication Solutions
- Contact Center Solutions

Microtel Technology has now moved its solutions to the cloud and it’s able to digitally transform your business communication needs by introducing Nubitel, Cloud-based Communication Solutions.

Nubitel Brings to you:
- Unified Communications (Nubitel)
- Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution (Nubitel CX)
- CRM Solution (Nubidesk) 
- AI-Powered Chatbots and Email-Bots (Nubibot)

Our Team
Microtel Technology is managed by a team of dedicated professionals. People who are passionate about their work and at the same time knowledgeable and experienced in telecommunication solutions.

Our Commitment
At Microtel Technology, we pride ourselves in our products, professionalism, customer-driven approach and integrity in the manner we conduct our businesses as we strive to be the leading provider of innovative telephony solutions in our markets.

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Software Engineer

Junior | $2922 - $5033

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