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NTT DATA is a top 10 global IT services provider, headquartered in Tokyo and operating in more than 50 countries. For us, work is not only for technological innovation, it is about connecting people to create better solutions for everyday life. NTT DATA offers an advanced portfolio of consulting, application, business process, cloud, and infrastructure services to businesses and governments worldwide.Our roots cross continents and cultures, dating back five decades. Since the foundation of NTT DATA , we have made sustainable business growth through our DNA to be people-oriented. Through our long-term perspective, we hope to make a big difference in this world by getting the small things right. This pedigree yields a characteristic unique to NTT DATA​: the opportunity for a global brand with the creative energy and enthusiasm of an entrepreneur.

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NTT Data Software Engineer Salaries in India

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₹ 1,49,900 / mth
₹ 1,49,900 ₹ 1,49,900
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₹ 43,973 - ₹ 77,411 / Monthly
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