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Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in Singapore, with international support offices in Asia cities and Europe. The company started off from the embedded system software development, Integrated Circuits (IC) design to Intelligent software development for IoT and Robot. The Company has now put its resources into technology research and development cooperation platform (The Competence and Engagement Center) with consulting and talent provisioning arm to help to build Intelligent Township in Asia.  QRInno believes strongly that the winners in a marketplace are defined by how team are able to effectively leverage technology to create competitive advantages and introduce business innovations. QRInno works closely with various local public or international innovation partners in contractual agreement to help individuals to bring their career goals to the next level with new challenging and rewarding opportunities. Our strong network of technology partners, excellent domain expertise and differentiated value propositions create enormous values for organizations that exceed their expectations.QRInno provides opportunities, trainings and investment in Skills, Expertise and Technology Asset to improve Design and Marketing Productivities. With a wide foot print in Asia that helps organizations bring about transformations to their businesses through the intelligent applications of innovative solutions and pertinent services. As its name describes, the company values deeply in Quality, Risk management and Innovation - The PORTFOLIO engine to FINANCE everyone’s Growth.

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