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Shimano Inc. is a global producer of bicycle components, soft wear and accessories. No matter if you are a road racer, mountain biker, commuter or if you ride your bike for recreation: Shimano products improve your performance and make cycling more enjoyable. Shimano components have meant a lot in the improvement of technology for racing bicycles, mountain bikes, city, comfort and trekking bicycles. By using advanced technology, resistance is minimized and rider energy is transmitted more efficiently into speed. New developments are being carried out over the complete range of our products so every cyclist can benefit from them. Shimano is famous for its “Systems Engineering”. This means that all components are developed in such a way that they function perfectly together and with the human body. The result is improved control, a faster response, more efficient use of rider energy and a general feeling of precision and harmony. You feel the difference when you ride a bike with Shimano components. Besides bicycle components, Shimano also produces fishing tackle and rowing equipment. Our corporate philosophy is based upon the development of products that support people in enjoying outdoor activities in the natural environment. Established in 1973, Shimano Singapore was the first overseas bicycle component assembly centre for its Japanese parent company, Shimano Inc. By leveraging on the quality workforce here, Shimano has since grown into a full-fledged manufacturing plant with R&D, product design and engineering, cold forging, stamping, heat treatment, electro-plating and tooling fabrication capabilities.

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