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What we believe in1% better each dayThe name Staizen is short for “State of Kaizen”, inspired by the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. We believe in getting better 1% each day because success is a sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out and not once-in-a-lifetime-transformation.What we doDigital architects, engineering transformationWe love working on the cusp of the most complex industries like finance. Our goal is to help clients navigate change and make better business and technology decisions by managing complexity and architecting sustainable solutions.How we do itHolistic solutions - from vision to implementationWe deliver a holistic view, from overall vision & strategy, all the way to implementation & delivery. To do this, we come with a unified and integrated ecosystem of products and services that help accelerate transformation and bring benefits in terms of costs, modularity, redundancy, and reuse.Our Services:- Advisory & Strategy- Team Augmentation- Delivery EngagementOur Products:- Graphene - Digital core system

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