Hit by Layoffs? Here's 3 Government Teams That Are Still Hiring!


Since the launch of the Smart Nation initiative in 2014, the Singapore government has been on a roll, actively hiring software engineers and other tech-savvy folks for tech roles (despite the recent waves of tech layoffs)

They're all gung-ho about keeping up with the latest tech trends and making sure technology gets integrated into the public sector.

You know what's cool? Some of these government teams are just like startups! They've got that whole startup vibe going on, with their culture and practices. You've probably heard of Open Government Products and Government Digital Services (part of GovTech), but there are other teams that also embrace these cutting-edge approaches to building tech.

Let us deep dive into some of these teams!

1. Data Science and AI Division (DSAID), GovTech Singapore

The Data Science and AI Division (DSAID) of GovTech was established as the Singapore Government's capability centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

It works with agencies to inform policy decisions and better meet the needs of citizens through the use of these disciplines.

The division came to prominence in 2016 for the use of visualisations to identify the train that disrupted the Circle Line (spoiler alert: the team solved it and was praised by PM Lee)

Keynote Presentation by Jason See (Senior Director, DSAID) - Charting Out Data Science & AI Capabilities for the Government

Other projects that they are involved in include:

  • Trusted Centre for Sensor Data (TCS), part of the Government Data Architecture initiative, a one-stop central sensor data platform that provides end-to-end data sharing services with an exploitation environment
  • JumpStart, a microservice-centric platform that hosts data science models geared towards job and course recommendations for jobseekers
  • An evaluation of Differential Privacy tools

Learn more about DSAID at go.gov.sg/dsaid, and apply for roles here.

2. Experimental Systems & Technology Lab (ESTL), GovTech Singapore

ESTL is an in-house team within the Ministry of Education, solving real problems in the education sector. 

Founded in 2014 by then-Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat and NUS Associate Professor of Computing Science Dr. Ben Leong, it aims to create a tech ecosystem for the Ministry of Education that is empowering, effective and enjoyable for everyone.

From a small team of engineers, they have evolved into a product team comprising Software Engineers, UX Designers, Agile Delivery Managers and Education Officers, and is part of the Information Technology Division of the Ministry of Education and GovTech Singapore.  

Sharing by ESTL’s team on “Application Uptime and Defacement Monitoring with AWS

ESTL maintains a broad range of products centred around day-to-day activities at school, including:

  • All Ears - a form builder integrated with schools’ roster data for teachers to easily create forms and track the responses
  • Parents Gateway - a one-stop portal that strengthens school-home partnerships to support our children's education journey
  • FlexiList - a collaborative platform that integrates with school data, allowing teachers to create custom groups of students for school events

Learn more about ESTL at estl.edu.sg, and apply for roles here.

3. Digital Ops Tech Centre (DOTC), Digital & Intelligence Service (DIS)

Credits: The Business Times

Defending Singapore amidst rapid technological progress, the Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) is an integral part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). It empowers teams in the SAF to discover, investigate, and effectively respond to operational challenges. With a progressive and supportive environment, alongside enthusiastic people with strong tech knowledge, the DIS adapts and adopts workflows, tools, practices, and policies that harness modern technology and allow their teams to succeed.

The Digital Ops Tech Centre (DOTC) within DIS has embarked on building software that will strengthen the SAF. Engineers and designers work closely with ops users to shape and build impactful products iteratively. 

One example is PinPoint - a tool to manage growing quantities of media data, enabling users to collaborate effectively across teams and find the information they need rapidly and accurately across time and space.

Source: PinPoint (hack.gov.sg)

The DIS has also partnered with other government agencies, academia, and relevant industries to raise competencies and cultivate best practices. DOTC is a startup team of engineers, designers, and ops experts with the goal of strengthening Singapore's national defense through technology.

Visit go.gov.sg/contact-dotc if you're keen to find out more.

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