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Taiwan, India
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1,001-5,000 globally
  • AHEAD Intelligence(ๅ…ˆๅ‹ๆ™บ่ƒฝ)่‘—้‡ๆ–ผๅˆฉ็”จๆฉŸๅ™จๅญธ็ฟ’้–‹็™ผๅฟซ้€Ÿใ€็ฒพๆบ–่ˆ‡ๅฎข่ง€็ดฐ่ƒžๆชขๆธฌ่ณ‡ๆ–™ๅˆ†ๆžๅนณๅฐๅ”ๅŠฉๅŠ ้€Ÿ็”จๆ–ผ็–ซ่‹—ใ€่—ฅ็‰ฉ็ ”็™ผใ€็ดฐ่ƒžๆฒป็™‚ใ€็–พ็—…่จบๆ–ท่ˆ‡่ฟฝ่นคๆ‰€้œ€่ฆ็š„ๆชขๆธฌ่ณ‡ๆ–™ๅˆ†ๆž
  • AHEADๅ‰ต่พฆไบบๅœ˜้šŠ้›†็ตไพ†่‡ชๅฐๅคง้†ซ้™ขๅ…ง็ง‘้ƒจ่ก€ๆถฒ็ง‘ใ€ๅฐๅคง้†ซๅญธ้™ขๅ…ง็ง‘ใ€ๆธ…ๅคง้›ปๆฉŸๅทฅ็จ‹ๅญธ็ณปไบบ้กž่กŒ็‚บ่จŠๆฏๆšจไบ’ๅ‹•่จˆ็ฎ—็ ”็ฉถๅฎค็ญ‰ๅฐˆๅฎถ๏ผŒ็›ฎๅ‰็ฉๆฅตๆ‹“ๅฑ•ๅœ‹้š›ๅธ‚ๅ ด 

AHEAD delivers on-demand insights by replacing human visual interpretation of cell-level data with AI and machine learning. As the software intelligence layer between machine generated cell-level details and humans, the AHEAD platform offers AI/ML enhanced accuracy, 10X-20X faster results, and 3-6X lower costs. Low cost, on-demand insights, and higher productivity enable AHEAD to relieve bottlenecks and enable global availability.

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