NodeFlair LOVE: Invite-Only Dating App for Developers ❤️


Since the founding of NodeFlair, we have had significant traction empowering many tech talents in Singapore and Southeast Asia in making better career decisions. 

Over the past few months, more than 1,200 users like yourself have come together and anonymously contributed their salaries - the community is one step closer to salary transparency as a result.

Since our monthly users increased by 30x since last year, we've been discussing how we can provide more value to our community. 

You've made a smart career decision - what's next?

In a recent survey, career and romantic relationships are the top two personal stressors. With that, it is now clear what is the missing piece in our ecosystem of products.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of NodeFlair LOVE - An invite-only dating app for developers in our community to develop meaningful relationships!

The high level of curation given by NodeFlair jobs and salaries data makes the experience truly one-of-a-kind. The matching algorithm uses 23 data points, with income and skillsets having a higher weightage. Other data points include years of experience, industry and specialisations.

Why do we use salary as a data point?

Financial concerns can range from not having enough money to dealing with overspending, but income disparity continues to be a huge source of relationship conflicts. When one partner makes more money than the other, either partner may create complex concerns.

Also, personal ideals and societal and cultural expectations formed during childhood influenced financial conflicts. When one mixes these expectations with relationships, emotions of inadequacy and unhappiness can develop, resulting in stress and mental health issues.

Furthermore, salary changes quickly in tech. In 2021, the average salary for software engineers increased by 22%. Thus, income disparity will only widen in the coming years as the tech talent war intensifies.


Want to be the first few users to get your hands on NodeFlair LOVE? 

All you have to do is submit your salary - you will be the first to know when the drop goes live!

P.S. Happy April Fool's Day <3

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